When you walk through the door at Samaadhaan you will be greeted by our team of pleasant staff, who will answer question that you may have and do their best to put you at ease.After checking in at the reception you will be escorted to the lounge to wait for your treatment. The lounge overlooks the rice field and valleys of Maggulla. You may relax to soothing music, an array of books and magazine. The clinic is Wi-Fi enabled. You could also pamper yourself at the ayurvedic spa at our wellness centre.
We offer easy access for wheelchairs, and an elevator to take you between floors.

Our sophisticated and relaxing treatment rooms are located close to the reception area. The lighting in each clinic is designed to elevate your mood and helps you relax.
Each clinic has ample natural light so as to minimize our carbon footprint on the environment. The clinic is designed in a manner so that they are accessible to differently abled patients and are well equipped with the best of the facilities,
Get more confidence in your smile


Our team is committed to provide the best care that suits you. We focus primarily on preventive care, detecting and solving problems before they happen, which is far less costly and easier to manage than treating diseased teeth. Our aim at Samaadhaan is to mimic what nature provides.

We work towards beautiful teeth that last for a life time. Our specialists will discuss all the options with you. We would appreciate that you take an active role in the treatment planning process.

Implant dentistry Teeth whitening Cosmetic contouring
Implants are the modern way to replace missing teeth. The implant, which is made of titanium, is fitted in the bone where the root would normally be. A smile is the first thing you notice when you meet someone. Teeth Whitening, a fast and inexpensive procedure that is completely non-invasive. Your smile is aesthetically pleasing- and the shape of teeth and position of the gums follow certain "aesthetic rules". When gums or teeth are unaesthetic they can be reconstructed with veneers, crowns or braces.
Incognito lingual braces Teeth Straightening General dentistry
This is a fixed orthodontic appliance that is placed on the inside surface of the teeth. It is completely invisible from the outside. Orthodontic treatment is no longer just for kids. Adult braces are now very popular, especially with the emergence of the newer 'invisible' braces Invisalign, the almost invisible braces are placed behind the teeth. We focus primarily on preventative care, detecting and solving problems
Veneers Invisalign braces Crowns
Veneers are extremely thin layers of porcelain which are bonded to your teeth with minimal or no invasion. Veneers are very effective in restoring the original shade and shape of your teeth. They can also be used to drastically change your smile in cases of gaps between your teeth or crowding. Invisalign® is an almost invisible way of straightening teeth with clear removable comfortable aligners. Initially, your orthodontist will examine you and a computer model of your treatment will be developed. Invisalign treatment takes from 12 to 18 months. If the tooth has suffered destruction and is extremely fragile, a crown is then essential to ensure it will still be able to function for a long time. A conventional crown is made of porcelain which is bonded to a precious metal structure. This is still the best solution a dentist can offer on molar tooth in terms of crowns.
Root canal Gum treatment Preventive treatment
Root canal treatment is a procedure indicated when the pulp of the teeth becomes infected or necrotic. This might happen due to widespread decay, trauma or as a long-term consequence of extensive restorations. Pulp necrosis might be a silent process. The infected teeth are treated and protected using crowns. Periodontitis, the scientific name for gum disease, is a chronic infection of the tissues that support your teeth, the jaw bone and the gums. If left untreated it will ultimately lead to bone and tooth loss. Queries to be asked? What causes it? How to treat gum disease? All your queries will be answered by our friendly staff. Preventing problems rather than treating them as they arise, is what preventative care is all about. A simple routine of brushing and cleaning between teeth removes plaque. Good eating habits and regular dental check ups, can help prevent most dental problems. A few small lifestyle changes in your daily routine can make a big difference in the long run. Regular visits to a dentist can keep your teeth and gums healthy.
Dental sedation Restorative treatment Dentures
Doctors in our centre can help you feel at ease with modern techniques in dental sedation that help you undergo painless dentistry. Restorative treatment is, as the name implies, treatment to restore your mouth and gums to health. It can involve a number of different treatments including, implants, crowns, veneers and root canal work. Replacing lost or missing teeth is very important, both for your health and your appearance. A partial or full denture replaces your natural teeth and gives support to your cheeks and lips, so you can enjoy a healthy diet, look great and smile with confidence.

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