Time passes, old practices give way to new ones and this years’ sports month was a stellar example of that. The emergence of the three sports teams; the Gladiators[Staff’s], the PG’s and the Pyrexia[UG’s] who held their ground in ‘LAKSHYA-15’

The sports month commenced with the Inauguration ceremony on 12th October 2015 at the College Auditorium. The ceremony started with a parade by the three teams, followed by the unveiling of the team banners by Dr.Jithesh Jain and the lighting of the ceremonial torch. The three teams took oath to play the games in fairness and to uphold the honor of the Institution at all times.

Over the course of the month, various indoor and outdoor sports events were conducted at the Institute. The team spirit was high and the competition fierce.

The sports month concluded with the Athletic Meet on 07th March 2016 at the College ground followed by fun games.

The Undergraduate Team emerged as the overall champions of LAKSHYA– 2015, closely followed by the Postgraduate Team.

1. Badminton : Gladiators
2. Table Tennis : Gladiators
3. Carroms : PGs
4. Football : PGS
5. Cricket : Pyrexiaa
6. Basketball : PGs
7. Volleyball : PGs
8. Throw ball : Pyrexiaa
9. Women’s Cricket : Pyrexiaa
10. Tennikoit : Pyrexiaa
11. Athletics : Pyrexiaa

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