The Coorg Institute of Dental Sciences is probably the most environment friendly Health Institution in the country !! fresh air and greenery aplenty, located in the top nature with natural fresh water springs aplenty on the beautiful thirty acre nature campus.

In today age of global warming, the campus offers, a lush green ecology. In many ways, it confers to the 'gurukul' system of teaching which was in practice in ancient India - to study amidst nature.

India can no longer afford the growth of urban centers with water scarcity poor garabage disposed, population explosion, back of fresh air and gree belts. Indian urban centers are exploding!! At Coorg Institute of Dental Sciences we live healthy!!

Go Green

The “ Go Green “ idea under the GREEN CIDS PROJECT is prevalent in our Institute. The aim is to cover the maximum possible area with plants and trees . To further this cause we have collaborated with Anuraadh, an NGO with interest in the global environment.

In order to conserve electricity, the Institute has been designed to maximize natural lighting in every clinic and class room.

The Coorg Institute of Dental Sciences is in every sense of the word an 'environmentalist's friend.

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