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The International Dental Educationists Association (IDEA) in collaboration with the Coorg Institute of Dental Sciences, Virajpet; hosted the Third edition of their Signature event “Quest Annual Graduate Dental Science Symposium” , Quest 3.0 at the Coorg Institute of Dental Sciences, Virajpet from 28th February to 2nd March 2019. Quest 3.0 was inaugurated by Prof. Lakshman Samaranayake, (Former. Dean, Hong Kong University), Prof Satoshi Nagasaka, (Associate Dean, International Collaboration, Tsurumi University Japan). Prof. Dhirawat Jotikasthira, (Chiang Mai University, Thailand) and Dr. Raghunath Puttaiah (Tenured Prof A & M College of Dentistry, Texas, USA)

Dr. Sunil Muddaiah, Dean, Coorg Institute of Dental Sciences, in his address said India’s share in Global Research is nothing short of frustrating. A nation with such dismal figures in Research has the largest network of educational institutions in the world!! It is in this backdrop that the Coorg Institute of Dental Sciences decided to host the Annual Graduate Dental Symposium for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students. He also emphasized on the growth of the symposium every year with this year’s program attracting over a thousand registrations overall and over 150 delegates from international dental schools also participating. The scientific content of the symposium has also shown a steady increase over the years both in terms of quality and quantity. This year witnessed presentations of over 150 dental scholars from India and abroad Original Research, Reviews, Case Reports, Technical notes and innovation. The heartening fact was that over 80 of the presentations were in the category of original research or innovation

Dr. Sunil Muddaiah stressed on providing a forum for the dental teachers to communicate and exchange knowledge on the latest trends in dentistry. He also asked all the teachers to encourage student research with the help of the association and to promote publication of reliable scientific literature and organize teacher training programs and courses on recent developments in the field of dentistry.

The focus of this year’s event was on the Oral Microbiome and began with the prestigious KM Kushalappa oration which was delivered by Prof. Lakshman Samaranayake (former Dean Hong Kong University) a world renowned expert on this topic. This was followed by the Ponamma Kushalapa Oration delivered by Dr.Raghunath Puttaiah (Tenured Professor Texas A & M University, USA) who spoke on the methods of development of an effective antibiotic policy to prevent the emergence of newer antibiotic resistant strains. Dr. Dhirawat Jothikasthira (Prof. Chiang Mai University) educated the audience about the emerging field of Surgery First orthodontics.

The IDEA International researcher’s forum which met on the sidelines of the event had some interesting deliberations. IDEA with CIDS is announcing through this press release a series of region specific initiatives in the process of developing an antibiotic prescription protocol designed exclusively for the Coorg region and a large scale Oral cancer screening program using visible light activated dyes that will begin in Coorg shortly with the aid and assistance from the international collaborators.

Dr. K.C. Ponnappa Principal, Dr. Jithesh Jain Vice-Principal, Dr. Anmol Kalha Advisor Research and Policy, Dr. Shashidara R Associate Dean of Research, Dr. Shantala BM Associate Dean of International collaboration presided on the dais.

The prizes for the events were sponsored by:
Department of Oral Medicine – Table Clinic
Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery – Gray’s Anatomy
Department of Oral Pathology - DR. SHERLOCK Department of Periodontics - Pictionary
Department of Prosthodontics - Quiz Department of Orthodontics - Collage
Department of Conservative and Endodontics Dentistry - Pedagogy
Department of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry - Spellathon
Department of Public Health Dentistry - Oral Health Documentary

The detail of winners and runners in each event are mentioned below:

Original Research
  1. Theertha Devaiah _ CIDS
  2. Prateeksha Kalappa – CIDS
  3. K.M Kushalappa & Jayalakshmi - CIDS
  1. Nik Aiman Ishtafa Khairuddin & Christabel Lai William – UiTM, Malaysia
  2. Poojitha & Anusha – M S Ramaiah
  3. Niharika & Mariya - CIDS
Case Report
  1. Sushmita & Tanya – CIDS
  2. Rajaram & Sabin - VSDC
Innovation in Dentistry
  1. Teertha Devaiah – CIDS
  2. Shahla Nazreen, Aishath Hiba, Anjitha VC
Original Report
  1. Characterization of fluorescent porcine dental pulp cell line on MTA - Tamaki Hattori, Tsurumi University, Japan
Case Report
  1. Arnal Choudhry & Ankita – SDM
  2. Alpana Ravi & Mrudula – SDM
  1. Tejaswini & Lina Priya – SJM
  2. Shran Prakash & Swetha K – GDC
  3. Vijay Singh Jadoun & Poukhuan Panmei – Dayanand Sagar Dental College
Table Clinic
  1. Albin George, Dantes Denny & Nikhil Harikrishnan - CIDS
  2. Theertha Devaiah - CIDS
  3. Indira A & Padma Swetha - CIDS
Gray’s Anatomy
  1. Priya Manisha D’souza - CIDS
  2. Akshay Kumar Pai – VS Dental College
  3. Raveesha Rai – MS Ramaiah Dental College
  1. Keerthan Bollamma, Priya M D’souza & Padma Swetha – CIDS
  2. Apoorva, Tanya & Treesa – CIDS
  3. Sabin, Arpitha & Rajaram – VS Dental College
  1. Parvathy, Shringa N, Sushmitha, Priya M & Sangeetha – CIDS
  2. Aakarsh Balu, Akshay Kumar, Shilpa, Sabin & Rajaram – VSDC
  3. Samantha G, Monica R, Albin, Adithyan S & Varshitha – CIDS
  1. Nanditha, Nabila Sania & Athulya K – GDC
  2. Aakarshm Akshay & Shilpa – VSDC
  3. PV Abinaya, THejaswini M J & Lina Priya – SJM
  1. Disha Bhandari, Savarna Goswami, Rajani Mamadapur, Runal Sarkar & Jagjit Singh Dhanjal - SDM
  2. Varshitha Reddy, Samantha Ganapathy, Albin George, Monica R & Parvathi - CIDS
  3. Karthik, Priyanshi, Deepa R, Deeraj & Bhavana Dama – MS Ramaiah
  1. Albin George - CIDS
  2. Shine Narayan - CIDS
  1. Priya Manisha D’ Souza – CIDS
  2. Minu Kumari – Dayanand Sagar Dental College
  3. Akshay Kumari Pai U – VSDC
  4. Shubham Apurva – VSDC
  5. . Shabnam – CIDS
  1. Arpitha Jayakrishnan & Shubham Apurve
  2. Samitha M & Rajaram S, Nanditha M & Harshini S
  3. Akshay Kumar & Shilpa Soman
  1. Universitas Indonesia
  2. CIDS