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Faculty Profile
Faculty Profile

Pediatric dentistry is an age defined specialty that provides primary and comprehensive preventive therapeutic oral health care for infants children and adolescents, including those with special health care needs. At the Department of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry, Pediatric Dentists we renderthe entire gamut of specialty treatment procedures in the disciplines of behavior guidance, care of medically anddevelopmentally compromised patients, supervision of oro-facial growth and development, caries prevention, sedation and pharmacological management, interceptive and preventive orthodontics, restorative dentistry and pulpal procedures.

Post graduation in the field of Pediatric Dentistry involves training in the unique dental health needs of children. Their specialized training consists of child psychology, growth and development, management of oro-facial trauma, sedation and general anesthesia.

The Department is committed to clinical excellence and has incorporated the latest advances in technology to best treat patients. The VDW Silver Rotary endodontic system, the XactRadiovisiograph and the state of the art Nitrous oxide inhalation sedation unit are some of the latest acquisitions.

Nitrous oxide inhalation sedation is a simple, predictable and safe mode of relative analgesia, which helps in pharmacological management of child behavior in the dental office. The induction of analgesia is spontaneous and recovery instantaneous with relatively high documented safety levels.

Facilities available in Paediatric Preventive Dentistry

  • Fluoride application
  • Pit and fissure sealants
  • Micro-invasive procedures (ICON Technology) - early detection of caries (GVC inc)
  • Non- fluoridated remineralising procedures

Facilities available in the Paediatric Operative division:
Restorative Procedures:

  • Silver amalgam restorations
  • Nanoionomeric glassionomer restorations
  • Composite restorations
  • Complex restorative procedures
  • Stainless steel restorations
  • Strip crowns and polycarbonate crowns
  • Aesthetic crowns

Facilities available in the Paediatric Endodontic division:
Pulp therapy Procedures:
All post graduates are trained extensively in these procedures to manage any complications during any of the pulptherapy and root canal treatment procedures.
Post endodontic Procedures (Post & Cores)
                                               Prefabricated fibre posts & metal posts
Management of Traumatic injuries:
The students are trained in the diagnosis and treatment planning of all procedures leading to management of traumatic injuries of teeth. We see a lot of sporting injuries, and we treat close to 15- 20 cases of sporting injuries annually.
Minor Surgical Procedures:

Facilities available in the esthetic division:

  • Strip crowns.
  • Polycarboxylate crowns.
  • Anterior esthetic crowns.
  • Management of discolored teeth.
  • Correction of malformed teeth.
  • Management of fractured teeth.
  • Replacement of avulsed (knocked out) teeth.

Facilities available in preventive and interceptive orthodontics division:

  • Space maintainers.
  • Space regainers.
  • Management of developing crossbites.
  • Management of oral habits.
  • Interceptionof developing skeletal or dental malocclusion.


Floor area: (in Sq. Ft.)



U.G Clinic


Nitrous oxide sedation room/isolation room


P.G Clinic


Radiography /RVG


P.G Seminars


P.G Lab


Staff Room


Prof * Hod


Counselling room




Patient Waiting & Reception


Movement Area


Phantom Lab




Play area



Number of Books in Department Library: 115 titles and 160 books -130
Books related to the Departmentin the Central Library: 228 titles and 438 books.
Journals with back volume of 12 years.    




Archives of Oral Biology


Journal of Dentistry for Children


Journal of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry


Pediatric Dentistry


Caries Research


Journal of Dental Research


Quintessence International


Dental Clinics of North America


International Journal of Pediatric Dentistry


Dental Traumatology


Indian Journal of Dental Research


Journal of American Dental Association


Molecular Oral Microbiology


International Journal of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry


Journal of Indian Society of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry


Operative Dentistry


International Endodontic Journal


Dental Materials


Total no. of publications: 8 international and 3 national.


  • Formulation of the new medicament-formocresol gel (received both national and international patency in the year 2009).
  • Best paper presentations was awarded to Dr. Ajay Reddy by ISPPD in the year 2007 at the 29th annual national conference, Bangalore, which was also the first time ever the ISPPD held the awards ceremony since its inception.
  • Second best poster was awarded to the post graduates by ISPPD in the year 2007 at the 29th annual national conference, Bangalore.
  • Study on ICON was accepted as scientific data by DMG Company.
  • Dr. Elaine Baretto was invited to attend National level PG student symposium conducted on September 2011 at Delhi.
  • Karnav Patel was awarded for securing a university rank in Pedodontics in the year 2011
  • M.C.Chittiiappa won the best paper in the first state level undergraduate convention in Bapuji Dental College, Davangere, 2010
  • A charity programme was organized to aid in the treatment of a child suffering from Infantile Malignant Osteopetrosis and collected funds under the banner of “POOJA TREATMENT FUND”
  • Dr. Julia Okramwas awarded 3rd prize in 11th National P.G. Convetion, 2014 for poster presentation in Original Research Competition categery.
  • Dr Princy Prasad was awarded 1st place for best scientific poster at International conference at AB Shetty Memorial Institute, Mangalore, held on 15th, 16th, and 17th Oct 2015.

Conferences/ CDE/ Programmes conducted:

  • Hosted 9th National PG convention, ISPPD, 2012.
  • Conducted CDE in association with IDA Coorg branch on Nitrous oxide Inhalation Sedation on February 2013.
  • 1st national ISPPD symposium on “Comprehensive oral health in special children”, on 7th and 8th August, 2015.
  • Workshop on “Basic Life Support” in association with American heart association, on 18th December 2015.



  • Comparative evaluation of the color stability of three contemporary restorative materials after exposure to food simulating solutions.
  • Remineralisation potential of casienphosphopeptide-amorphous calcium phosphate flouride,hydroxyapatite with flouride and calcium sodium phosphosilicate on demineralized enamel surfaces.
  • Comparative evaluation of the antibacterial efficacy of diode laser, sodium hypochlorite and chlorhexidine against enterococcus faecalis in experimentally contaminated root canals.
  • Evaluation of erosive potential of acidic and alkaline fruit juices in the oral environment of children aged between 3-6years.
  • Comparative evaluation of two novel mechano-rotary Instrumentation techniques in selective dentin Caries removal.
  • Comparative volumetric analysis of pre and post canal preparation in primary teeth using three rotary file systems – a cone beam computed tomographic study.
  • Comparative evaluation of the fracture resistance of immature root canals of teeth, after filling it with Calcium hydroxide, Biodentine and Bioaggregate- An in-vitro study.
  • Comparison of the fracture resistance of reattached incisor tooth fragment with circumferential bevel, notches, grooves and palatal cavity – An in-vitro study.
  • Comparative evaluation of antimicrobial efficacy of various intra canal medicaments – An in- vitro study.
  • Comparative evaluation of shear bond strength and internal cavity adaptation of SDR, Flowable restorative, filtek bulk fill flowable restorative and filtek bulk fill posterior restorative- An invitro study.
  • In vivo evaluation and comparison of pulp response to diode laser in laser assisted fluoride therapy.
  • In vitro comparison of the effect of ascorbic acid, lycopene and proanthocynidin on the bond strength between hydrogen peroxide treated fiber post and composite resin core.
  • The effects of audio-visual distraction techniques to local anesthesic technique in anxious pediatric patients of 6-9 years- An in-vivo study.
  • Effect of hydration on fracture resistance of reattached fractured fragment on incisor- An in vitro study.
  • An in vitro comparative evaluation of color stability of microhybrid and nano filled resin composite after exposure to different types of beverages.


  • Formocresol gel toxicological study
  • Role of acquired pellicle in erosion


Dental Chairs:   20
Key equipment’s:

  • Digital Radiography - XactRadiovisiograph
  • Automatic Developer
  • Nitrous oxide inhalation sedation unit
  • Rotary endodontics - VDW Silver Rotary Endodontic system, Germany
  • Latest Materials including ICON, Ceramex Duo, APF Gel, Clinpro XT Varnish, Impregum
  • Laboratory with latest equipments- Hydrosolder, Biostar, Automatic Plaster dispenser, Cast trimmer, Dental Lathe, FrassicoTyphodontsetc;
  • Apex locator - Raypx V
  • Electric Pulp tester
  • UV Chambers
  • Ultrasonic Cleaner

  • Dr. B. M. SHANTHALA (Professor and Head of Department)

    Dr. B. M. Shanthala, completed BDS in the year 1992 and MDS in 1994 from ABSMIDS, Mangalore.

    She is currently Head of Department and Post Graduate Guide at the Department of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry, CoorgInstitute Dental Sciences.

    Recent Publications:

    1. “Laser Vs Visible – Light Cured Composite Resin an In Vitro Shear Bond Study” in the Journal of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry Vol: 19, No: 2, winter 1995.
    2. “Histological Evaluation of Diode Laser Pulpotomy in Dogs” in the Journal of Oral Lasers and Applications Vol: 10, No: 1, spring, 2010.
    • Potential erosive effects of antihistamine containing syrup on primary teeth.African Journal of Medical and Health Sciences: 1(13): Jan- June 2014; 15-18.
    • Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany a leading academic publishing house in Germany, an associate member of the American, United Kingdom and Irelands booksellers association has accepted research work on “Potential erosive effects of antihistamine syrup on primary teeth” by Dr Sheen Ann John and Dr Shanthala BM  for publication that will be distributed worldwide.
    •  Pit and fissure sealents in pediatric dentistry. SRM journal of research in dental sciences, vol 5, oct-dec 2014, pg 253-57.
    • The comparative evaluation of fracture resistance and microleakage in bonded amalgam, amalgam and composite resins in primary molars. Indian journal of dental research. 26(5): 2015; 446-50.
    • ‘Triplication’ defect in deciduous teeth: an unusual odontogenic anomaly.BMJ Case Rep 2015. doi:10.1136/bcr-2014-205185



    • Erosive potential of fruit juices in children, Poster presentation. IADR Conference, South Korea, Seoul, 2016
    • Remineralizing potential of remineralising agents in IADR Conference, Bali, Indonesia. 2015
    • Moderator in panel discussion on the management of special child, 1st National ISPPD symposium, 2015 at CIDS, Virajpet.
    • Presentation titled “ Dilemma in Pediatric Dentistry Practise” at International conference on oral health and well being organized by AB Shetty Memorial dental college, Mangalore.
    • Represented Dean’s forum, SEAADE conference, Bali.

    DR. BOBBY WILSON (Reader)
    Dr. Bobby Wilson completed his BDS from KGF College of Dental Sciences, KGF in 1998 and his MDS in 2010 from Coorg Institute of Dental Sciences, Virajpet.
    He is currently a Readerat the Department of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry,Coorg Institute of Dental Sciences.
    Recent Publications:

    • Pit and fissure sealents in Pediatric Dentistry. SRM journal of research in Dental Sciences, vol 5, oct-dec 2014, pg 253-57.
    • The comparative evaluation of fracture resistance and microleakage in bonded amalgam, amalgam and composite resins in primary molars. Indian journal of dental research. 26(5): 2015; 446-50.
    • ‘Triplication’ defect in deciduous teeth: an unusual odontogenic anomaly. BMJ Case Rep 2015. doi:10.1136/bcr-2014-205185
    • Space management in pediatric dentistry. The Journal of Dental Panacea. 1(2); Oct-Nov 2014, pg 68-76.
    • Sequelae of trauma to the primary dentition and its consequences on the permanent successors. Journal of international dental research. 3(1): 2015; 44-48.



    • Presented a poster on “Diet and Early Childhood Caries – The Indian Perspective” and was awarded second prize in the 29th ISPPD Annual National Conference, Bangalore, 2007.
    • Presented a paper on Laser Applied Fluoride Therapy in the 30th ISPPD Annual National Conference, Hyderabad, 2008.

    DR. SRINIVAS L.S (Reader)
    Dr. Srinivas L.S completed his BDS from JSSDC, Mysore in 2001 and his MDS in 2012 from SRDC, Bangalore.

    He is currently working as a Reader in the Dept. of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry, CIDS, Virajpetand has several ongoing research projects.

    Recent Publications:

    • ‘Triplication’ defects in deciduous teeth: An unusual odontogenic anomaly. BMJ Case Rep 2015. doi:10.1136/bcr-2014-205185
    • Evaluation of the effect of 3 supplementary oral hygiene measures on salivary mutans streptococci levels in children: A randomised comparative clinical trials. European journal of dentistry, vol 9(4), Oct- Dec 2015.
    • Esthetic and biologic mode of reattaching incisor fracture fragment utilzing glass fiber post. Journal of natural science, biology and medicine. Vol 16(2), July 2015.


    DR. KAVITHA K(Senior Lecture)

    Dr Kavitha K, completed her BDS from CIDS, Virajpet in 2010 and her MDS in 2015 from Martha Mandals NGH’s Dental College, Belgaum.
    She is currently working as Senior lecturer in the Dept. of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry, CIDS, Virajpet.
    Recent Publications:

    Birooted primary maxillary central incisor: A case report. Indian journal of Dental advance

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