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The Oral Cancer Program in collaboration with HCG (Health Care Global) was conducted on 29/06/2019 at Coorg Institute of Dental Sciences. The program commenced with the inaugural function and a comprehensive lecture by Dr. Salini Thakur (HCG) on the preventive, diagnostic, management and rehabilitative aspects of Oral Cancer.

This was followed by the evaluation of patients with potentially malignant disorders and Oral Cancer by Dr. Shalini and the faculty of Oral Medicine and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. The treatment plan of these patients were discussed.

A meeting was arranged with the Principal, Vice-principal and Heads of Departments to discuss the possible areas of collaboration between Coorg Institute of Dental Sciences and HCG. The agenda discussed included surgical protocol for cases, documentation, anesthetic considerations and postoperative care, Tobacco Cessation Clinic and Training/Observer ship for postgraduates of Coorg Institute of Dental Sciences at HCG