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"Funderland" the annual funfest of Coorg Institute of Dental Sciences was held on 12th January 2019, at the CIDS Auditorium. The funfest was inaugurated by Dr. Anmol Kalha who participated enthusiastically in the event.

The fest had game stalls and food stalls, with a wide range of games and delicious delicacies. The campus wore a festive look with the staffs and postgraduates conducting events and serving the food cooked in their stalls. Our amateur cooks put up a great array of dishes ranging from appetizers to the most delicious desserts with wide range of main courses. There was a blend of various traditions and cuisines from North, South East and West of India.

The game stall had an array of games ranging from brain teasers to the physical. The students, teaching and non-teaching staffs and faculties enjoyed every bit of the fest.

The event was graced with distinguished guests .

The funfest wound up at 5.00 pm on a happy and satisfied note