CIDS Experience

'I found that the college is almost completely self-contained with very neat and efficient departments. The management is making all efforts to provide good training to all the students. In addition, hostel and other such facilities are also good. The picturesque location and the isolation from the rest of the area nearby and the environment provided by the management make for good studies'

Dr. K.M. Srinivasa Gowda
‘I found that the college is almost completely self-contained with very neat and efficient departments. The management is making all efforts to provide good training to all the students. In addition, hostel and other such facilities are also good. The picturesque location and the isolation from the rest of the area nearby and the environment provided by the management make for good studies’.

Swami Sureshananda
‘I congratulate Dr. Sunil Muddaiah and the dedicated staff. What serene surroundings for studies! I am sure the students will make the best use’.

‘Fab ambience! Very scenic! Nice students! I wish I could study here!’

Prof. Dr. V. S. Krishna Nayak
‘It was really a pleasure and privilege visiting your esteemed institution- CIDS. A model college for all others to emulate. The ambience and facilities you are providing the students is unparalleled.’

Dr. Vishal Rao
Chief- Head and Neck Services,
HCG, Bengaluru
‘An extremely pleasant and enthralling experience to witness the fusion of nature, science and teaching in the CIDS temple of education. The philosophy of service blended with the zeal and enthusiasm to learn, teach and educate makes this centre an ideal destination for students to rediscover the lost lessons in science of healing. Dr. Sunil is an obvious driving force and an inspiration who stands taller than the peak at which CIDS stands. This makes him a leader for his colleagues to look up to. A memorable experience!’.

Dr. B.J. Mahendra
Director, KIMS,
‘I have had the honor and privilege of visiting CIDS and I am completely impressed with the facilities of the institution and the vision of the faculty and the management. I wish this institution scales the pinnalce of success’.

Nagaraja R.
Registrar, RGUHS
‘I had the opportunity of visiting CIDS and interacting with the staff and students. It is the best college, best maintained. I advise people from other colleges to visit CIDS and get benefitted’.

Dr. S. Ramananda Shetty
Dir. Medical Education
Govt. of Karnataka
‘It is been a pleasure to visit this unique dental college and to spend time with my old friends and colleagues. After a gap of two years I’ve witnessed tremendous changes in infrastructure and patient resulting in all round growth of institution. I wish the same spirit and academic activities would continue’.

Dr. N. Sridhar Shetty
‘I am so pleased to be here in CIDS established by Dr. Sunil Muddaiah with the blessings and support of his father Mr. Aiyappa. I am extremely pleased such to see such well-planned infrastructure developed for the fraternity of dentistry in a scenic place like Virajpet. I am sure this institution is progressing well to be one of the finest’.

Ms. Shamali Haleema
III BDS, SJM Dental College
‘Firstly great place, amazing experience in the QUEST extravaganza with mind stimulating activities. Loved it!!’.

Ms. Krithika Shetty
‘My experience in CIDS and QUEST has been really good. Love the campus and the hospitality received’.

Mr. Bharath B. Nandan
‘Enriching experience, amazing people, lovely campus. Looking forward to come again’.

Dr. Michael Bronstein,
University of Bern,
‘It was a pleasure and honor to visit this exceptional institute located so beautifully in the Coorg mountains. The students, residents, and staff are all extremely dedicated- one can fell the pride in each one of them to be a part of such a marvelous college. I hope and I am pretty sure that this was not my last visit to the institute. I wish for a fruitful future collaboration and a bright future in teaching, patient care and research!’

Prof. Lim K. Cheung,
Chair professor, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery,
University of Hong Kong.
‘My pleasure to be invited to lecture at your school and share my surgical experience with your staff and students. My sincere wish is to continue this collaboration in both surgical and research development with your school in the future’.

Mr. Rolf Frei,
Consul General of Switzerland.
‘I had the privilege to see an excellent college in an astonishing natural setting. Thank you so much for the work you do to help children with cleft. I hope to come back soon’.

Prof. Dr. Sam Samaranayake,
ex Dean, HKU Dentistry
‘Dear Sunil and team,
Yours, truly is an extraordinary school and a big jewel in Indian dentistry. The passion, commitment and the inner courage you have shown in developing this institution is reflected in its infrastructure, staff and above all its graduates and postgraduates. They indeed are a testimony to your untiring efforts towards your cause. For me personally, I feel I am a part of your family now!’.

Prof. Gary Cheung,
Associate Dean,
HKU Dentistry
‘I have seen an extraordinary, open minded fabulous group of academicians who are dedicated to dental education- a true benevolence to Indian community. I trust the school at Coorg will have a great future in all facets of dentistry within India and beyond’.

BDS-V students,
HKU Dentistry
‘It is our pleasure to be here for our elective study. The ten days in CIDS has broadened our horizon, not only in the field of dentistry, but also in the cultural aspect. We are amazed by the effort and enthusiasm dedicated to education and community service. We are indeed very thankful to receive such warm welcome form staff and students. This trip will definitely be a precious memory for all of us’.

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim,
‘All the best for the faculty and the school’s future. With a dedicated and visionary leader CIds will surely become an institution to be respected not just in India but also outside India’.

Prof. W.M. Tilakaratne,
Dean, Faculty of Dental Sciences,
University of Peradiniya, Sri Lanka
President, IAOMP
‘It is wonderful to see the capability of CIDS in producing quality graduates. The leadership in CIDS should be congratulated for all the achievements helped by dedicated staff and students. Wish CIDS all the success’.

Prof. Aruni Tilakaratne
‘Congratulations CIDS! I am extremely pleased to witness the very high standards maintained by CIDS in its undergraduate and postgraduate education. It is remarkable how the students are being nurtured in this institution. Staff is very supportive, very warm and provides an extremely comfortable and relaxed study environment. As a visitor I am thoroughly impressed of the kind gesture and warmth extended to me during my stay in Coorg. Dean, Principal, Chairman and Staff are extended with my heartiest appreciation. Wishing you more success in the future!’.

Prof. Urban Hagg
Former Chair Professor- orthodontics,
HKU Dentistry.
‘My sincere thanks for the privilege to be invited to this fine dental school to share the experiences of HKU Orthodontic team with very keen and motivated audience. The atmosphere among staff and students is indeed extraordinary by any comparison. It has indeed been a real pleasure to spend a few days with them. At last but not the least to have enjoyed the friendship of Dean Prof. Sunil and also learnt about years of inspiration, vision and hardwork’.

Prof. Getz Ehmann,
Maxillofacial Surgeon,
Hamburg, Germany.
‘The first time here on your nice place, splendid surroundings and the famous medical complex. I thank you very much for your great hospitality combined with medical and surgical competence of our Indian colleagues’.

Dr. Ulrike Lamle,
Cleft and ENT surgeon,
Berlin, Germany.
‘I am impressed! Of the warmth and the hospitality of the people who received us, of the high standard of the dental centre and the great care for the cleft children. Hope to come back again! All the best’.

Ms. Jennifer McIntyre
Consul General, United States of America
‘I really enjoyed visiting the dental college and participating with the students and staff in Darien Day celebration. I wish the school the best for the future’.